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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it is a mess out there. windshield wipers working overtime to help drivers find their way on the wet roads. you're likely to find flooded streets and traffic problems, also some delays at the airport, as well. >> and we'll get that airport update in a moment from cate caugiran at sfo and the traffic mess from elizabeth wenger. >> our live team coverage begins with lawrence karnow though checking this morning's weather. it's sloppy. >> very wet start to the day around the bay area. the showers coming in overnight that cold front bringing some strong gusty winds and that rain still falling in parts of the bay area. let's look at our high-def doppler radar. you can see the showers now beginning to taper off a little bit even more so than this last hour as we're still seeing pockets of rain rainfall into the east bay. livermore, pleasanton, watch out on the 680, 580. we have some showers continuing in that direction. we are going to see more of that throughout the morning hours. but i think as we get to the afternoon, things will dry out. mostly cloudy skies, wet outside so when we're not
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seeing rain you may see heavy drizzle. the temperatures are very mild into the 50s and also the 60s. now, i think as you head out today you will see a lot of clouds but by the afternoon we are going to get on the back side of this cold front so the clouds likely to break a little bit becoming partly cloudy and dry the middle of the day and the afternoon. no delays reported at sfo just yet but likely going to see some delays this morning. temperatures there in the 60s, some showers this morning, tapering off though as we head toward the afternoon. around the country not bad. 81 degrees partly cloudy into houston, 75 and partly cloudy in denver. 59 degrees mostly sunny in chicago and 50 degrees and partly cloudy in new york. now, looks like the temperatures are going to be in the 60s here around the bay area. but if you would like to check out the doppler radar in your neighborhood, go to our website, you can see the high-def doppler radar, see where the rain is in your neighborhood or if they are coming your way, elizabeth. that's useful. >> i know. you can see traffic information on there as well, get all the
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latest traffic cams. or we can show them to you live here. here's a live look at the bay bridge. it's slick and dangerous out there. we know a lot of folks are traveling out there this morning heading to family, friends, area airports. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are making some fairly big splashes especially in the middle lanes a little earlier this morning. now we have some delays especially in the outer cash lanes. so again, no metering lights yet. but they will likely turn them on very shortly. so we have two separate traffic alerts this morning including one on 580. this is a live look closer towards the dublin interchange. a little difficult to see that traffic cam this morning. let's go to our maps show you one of our hot spots. jackknifed big rig a problem spot since 4:30 a.m. traffic alert still in effect. several of the left lanes still remain blocked. eastbound 580 approaching north greenville, so very heavy traffic right now. actually in both directions through livermore. if you are heading towards oakland airport, this is a live look at 880. it is slick all across the east
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bay. southbound 880 moves okay from 980 to the macarthur maze towards oakland airport and the coliseum. bart is going to be a great option. chp is working several dozen different traffic accidents and incidents flooding reports all across the bay area. so bart will be a great option if you are heading towards downtown san francisco or sfo or oakland airport. that is a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes the back to you guys. we are approaching one of the busiest travel times of the year and bay area rain is only expected to make things a little more hectic. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo with some tips on how to ease your time at the airport. we need them. >> reporter: ease time and frustrations. these are tips i haven't seen before so i think that our travelers will find them helpful. but in general, yes, it is a very busy day. we have seen it go from quiet to where a lot of people are coming in and out of the airport. we want to let you know, in total about 1.2 million travelers will pass through sfo
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between this friday and november 25th. airport leaders say while air travel across the nation is down at sfo, they are expecting a record passenger load. now, we spoke to a flyer heading to boston who says she is prepared for any delays but is keeping her fingers crossed for smooth travel. >> all my stuff ready to go, just in and out as quickly as possible, get through security and get to my gate. >> reporter: yesterday was rough for flyers. 81 flights within california were canceled because of weather and travelers actually had to be rerouted. but to ease a little frustration we have tips for savvy travelers this morning. one, check your own bags. some airlines will let you tag your own bag and skip that extra line. tip 2, tsa has a precheck program. if you sign up for this, you can pass through a separate security line saving extra time. and three, there are new smartphone appears that keep track of how long you'll spend in the security lines so you can plan ahead. we want to make note that
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basically, the amount of traffic isn't just something we're seeing here but we're also seeing down in san jose. you're taking a live look now at san jose airport. and they are expected to see an uptick in travelers also about 2% more than last year. and today is expected to be their busiest day. so really the key is to plan ahead. i spoke with airport representative on the phone a few moments ago who can't stress enough that they want people to show up ahead of time in addition to those tips that we explained to you before because that way, you can plan ahead and you can anticipate for anything that will come or any unexpected delays. live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. this morning, a man was found dead in an east bay quarry hours after he went out in the rain to find his cat. divers found the body in about 30 feet of water behind oakland's rock ridge shopping center. the man is believed to have slipped on a steep slope and foul len in. -- and fallen in. secretary of state hillary clinton believes the bus
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bombing today in tel aviv is a terrorist attack. 10 people were injured. it happened near the military headquarters in israel. secretary clinton is right back to work in jerusalem right now for another round of meetings with israeli leaders to help negotiate an end to the latest fighting between israel and hamas. she met today with mahmoud abbas in the west bank. >> a rocket attack from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end. >> five people in israel have been killed by rocket fired from the gaza strip and in gaza the death toll is more than 130 since israel began retaliating last week. and in gaza city, this is what cbs reporter charlie d'agata saw from his hotel early this morning as the israeli military launched dozens of air strikes. d'agata says, though, he and
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his colleagues are okay. the man who shot and killed two people at the richmond bridge toll plaza laughed while being told he is headed for death row. a contra costa county jury deliberated for two days before determining that nathan burris should be put to death. burris admitted to murdering his ex-girlfriend and a friend at the toll plaza three years ago. during that trial he frequently mocked the victims' families. >> i can never forgive him. i hate him. and i'm glad they gave him the death penalty. >> burris will be back in court next month for the judge's formal sentencing. nurses are striking for a second day in eight sutter hospitals here in the bay area. the walkout involves 3300 nurses, hundreds of technicians. the key issues include staffing levels and whether nurses can have paid sick leave. sutter spokesman says pay hikes would hurt the company. replacement nurses have brought in to keep the hospitals open. the union that staged a one- day strike against the port of
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oakland says mayor quan helped get contract talks going again. negotiations had broken down last spring with disagreements over pay, benefits and retirement contributions. yesterday's picket lines stopped activity at the port but it is operating once again this morning. there were also pickets at the airport but no travel disruptions. a grinch just showed up on a bay area front porch but while the thief was casing the house, the house was casing her. it happened at the fremont home of trevor fiatol. his camera captured video of a woman stealing packages and a bag of food donations left for charity. he believes the woman had been shadowing u.p.s. trucks on meyer park circle and he hopes the footage will lead to her capture. >> would you say this lady messed with the wrong tech quick. >> that's probably a safe bet. >> u.p.s. workers are trained to place packages out of view from the street if the customers aren't home. a spokesman says the company will investigate this case.
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it's too bad this happened. >> yeah. really especially this time of year when you're expecting things and -- >> that's a bummer. >> someone comes out of nowhere. 6:09. standing tom, the last major milestone for the new bay bridge, standing tall. >> stripped of their rights. how nudists lashed out over a new ban on public nudity. >> and is it creepy or is it cool? the public bathroom with completely see-through walls. coming up. ,,,,,,
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6-point-three billion dollar milestone. it's now standing on it's own and no longer sitting on all of the support towers you see bel the bay bridge reached a new $6.3 billion milestone now standing on its own not on the support towers you see below.
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the process of shifting the weight off of the temporary support took three months. now the weight of the bridge is supported by a single one-mile- long cable all draped from a single tower. it should be open by the way labor day 2013. >> it better be able to stand on its own for $6.3 billion! the rain is falling we have some puddles on the road. flooding too. be careful traveling today. it's a wet start to the day around the bay area. we have some pockets of rainfall to take you further onshore right now into the east bay and you can see rainfall toward the pittsburg area. still coming down pretty well there and we are seeing a lot of mist and fog also associated with the rain that's moved on through. good news is skies will part and things will settle down toward the latter part of the
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morning. by the afternoon we should see clearing and sunshine and some dry weather return. not only that but looks like drier days ahead so thanksgiving looking very nice outside. high pressure will built in. strong gusty winds and showers on the back side of this system so we're not done with the rainfall just yet although it will start to wind down in the next couple of hours but a wet start to the day and then looks like things begin to settle down in the afternoon. and then high pressure starts as to neek in. so temperatures are going to be very mild as we head toward the coming days. into the middle of the day partly cloudy and the rain will end and then in the afternoon we have cleared out the skies even more so and looks like some nice weather ahead. so if you can wait to travel a little this morning, you will be okay. showers in the state across sacramento and into the high country. watch out in that direction. we have winter which advisories
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there and the snow continuing to fall. five inches. snow. you have a high-profile vehicle going to see gusty winds to 65 miles per hour. we have temperatures in the 60s this afternoon with that rain coming to an end. looks nice in the coming days. thursday thanksgiving looks fantastic. looks like some great weather on friday and saturday. and then looks like dry weather likely to continue through sunday and monday but this morning, you want to drive around the bay area very slick out there on the roads elizabeth. >> it is. we have been taking calls from viewers about coming up on standing water. we have been seeing incidents reports and spinouts. it may be a good idea to delay your travel if you can. if you are heading towards area airports, this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. it is slick all across the bay area. the san mateo bridge moving okay at this moment but again you want to take it slow. a lot of drivers aren't causing
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all these spinouts across the bay area. let's show you what's going on, an accident, we took a call from pete with the kcbs phone force. coming across a good sized puddle approaching woodside road. on-ramp at 280 is blocked so standing water and already an accident in that area. a traffic alert out of san francisco a truck fire is out but still blocking lanes. southbound 280 approaching highway 101. 101 looks okay down towards sfo. we are sending a photographer new york 101 approaching oakland road. east beltway close to the oakland airport so if you are heading towards the airport this is what it looks like in
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the southbound lanes of 880. drive times are moving at top speeds through the macarthur maze or northbound through hayward but a heads up. bart is a great option this morning. they have more than 47 bart trains all running on time. so here's a live look at all your bart routes all across the bay area. take it to sfo or the oakland airport. people will soon have to keep their clothes on in san francisco after the board of supervisors voted to ban public nudity. >> shame on you! >> you can see see and hear protestors stripping in the hearing and escorted out. the bill sponsor scott weiner says there needs to be a balance between the rights of nudists and the rights of people who don't want to see so much skin. taking your pants off in castro market and displaying your genitals to everyone is not free expression. >> so starting in february, first time violators will face
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a $100 fine, a third offense will get you a $500 fine and perhaps a year in prison. also in san francisco, supervisors voted to allow construction of the microapartments. the downsized dwellings will be around 220 feet. closet and bathroom are included. they may be in the same part. the projected rent is not so small though up to $1,700 a month. imagine answering the call of nature in a very bizarre public bathroom. >> this is strange. it has completely see through walls. take a look. it's inspired by an italian exhibit. it's the first of its kind in the united states and you can see the crowd hanging outside the bathroom but they can't see you. >> i think it's really unique and i have been standing outside long enough to know that i could not see in so it wasn't too bad. seeing men standing there is freaky.
6:19 am
>> city leaders say this is the last place creepy people want to hang out. that's because they have security cameras installed nearby. they can't see in. >> nothing like a camera when you're -- >> how would you like that staring at you? >> five iphones... >> wouldn't you get stage fright? >> i might. 6:19. >> i might. >> you never know. black friday with a little orange when you can get your hands on giants tickets for 2013. >> plus talk about a hot streak. the college student who shattered the ncaa basketball record for points scored, 100 plus. highlights coming up. so what's cool about your school? we want to know. you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come and feature your school right here on our show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have more showers around the bay area, hi-def doppler seeing another round of moisture making its way into the south bay. temperatures are going to be mild but the raindrops we're hoping they end soon. we'll talk about it coming up. >> we haven't seen this many accidents across the bay area in a morning commute in a while. here's a live look at several traffic cameras. right now the metering lights just turned them on at the bay bridge. we are starting to see delays. a check of your "timesaver traffic" coming up in just a few minutes. well, for those suffering baseball withdrawals, some good news. you will be able to buy tickets for your world champion san francisco giants later this week. starting at 10 a.m. on friday, single game tickets for first half of the giants 2013 season will be available for purchase on their website or in person at the giants dugout stores. tickets will start as low as $8 and be on sale until december 24. after that, window sales for
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tickets will resume in february. >> that's about a month now. >> already thinking about next season. cal is in the market for a new head football coach. and we heard former raider coach hue jackson could be the one. jeff tedford era is over. he was fired after 11 seasons coaching the golden bears. tedford won a school record 82 games and a share of the conference title years back but the bears lost their final five games this season finishing with a 3-9 record. he is out. play of the day! we have college hoops, michigan state's brandan dawson the steal and the score. dunks it down. they edged boise state 74-70. lots of college hoops over the holiday. special mention not a play but many plays many shots jack taylor of little division 3 grinnell college out of iowa scored 138 points last night against saint baptist bible college. a new ncaa scoring record and
6:25 am
as you may have guessed grinnell went on to win 179- 104. but there was a guy on the other team. >> so what was the average? he scored a basket every -- >> the director three times every minute. so pretty much every time he got the ball he was launches threes but a guy on the other team scored 70 points and they still lost by 68. >> amazing. >> what a hoop game. 6:25. coming up, swiped right off their own front door. >> how a tech guru caught a porch thief redhanded. plus... >> running for cover. the very close encounter for cbs news' charlie d'agata coming up. and we're live at sfo where it's expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the season. we'll give you some tips that could save you some extra time and some frustration. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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november 21st. i'm michelle griego. bombs shatter the silence in the middle east. the conflict reaches a new level of violence as a bus explodes in tel aviv. >> we are in a battle to save lives. >> and world leaders scramble to reach a truce. >> the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end. >> wherever you're traveling, folks, be very, very careful this morning. >> as of right now there are no delays but obviously that could change with the weather. >> a thief caught on camera stealing food from the needy off a bay area porch. >> let's say that this lady messed with the wrong techie. >> powerful doctors group is recommending a major change to birth control. >> it could make it easier to get for those already taking it.
6:30 am
>> from across the bay. >> shame on you! >> to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's wednesday, november 21. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 on this thanksgiving eve. and it's a stormy morning right here in the bay area. it means a rash of crashes flooding on some of the roads. some power outages, too, scattered all around the bay area. >> and you can see it from the radar we're not out of the woods quite yet. we'll get to lawrence in a minute. elizabeth is following a fatal accident in san jose. >> that's right. we want to take you live right now. our photographer just got to the scene. you can see san jose police department is out there doing traffic control. you're looking live at alum rock and jackson avenue the scene of as you said a fatal
6:31 am
accident. around 6:00 is when it was first reported. apparently police have cleared this scene but they are still blocking traffic in and around that area. so you're going to want to use caution. it's wet, so many accidents across the bay area and a lot of them on major roads. so let's look live right now at the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on a little while ago and we have delays in the cash and fastrak lanes so if you are heading towards sfo from the east bay you're going to have a wait to get you through those pay gates and stacking up towards about the 880 overcrossing. elsewhere, i mentioned a couple of different accidents. we are following two separate traffic alerts. there is another accident westbound 237 actually approaching the lawrence expressway. so this is a live look from milpitas where we already have a few brake lights across that stretch. bart would be a great option and they have more than 47 trains on time. i know lawrence has been very busy with his hi-def doppler tracking the storm. >> it looks like it's beginning to break you want a little bit around the bay area this morning but we're seeing pockets of rain outside so the
6:32 am
roads as you see very dangerous and slick outside. be very careful this morning if you are traveling. let's take you in for a closer look now into san jose and that's where we are seeing some of the rain where the accident is continuing to fall in that direction. it looks like this whole storm system is going to wind down though as we head in through the middle of the morning. in san francisco you see clouds still looking very ominous beginning to break just a little bit but i think we are not going to be out of the woods until we head to the middle of the day and we'll see more sunshine and it looks like the rain will end. temperatures are very mild in the 50s and 60s right now. the cold front swinging through bringing the gusty winds early on and the rain overnight. we are going to get on the back side of this and once we do things will begin to dry out. morning showers continuing, delays likely at sfo although hard to tell. the faa website has actually crashed probably from all the, trying to check on their travel conditions. houston not bad 81 degrees. 75 denver. 59 chicago. 50 new york. temperatures around the bay area mainly in the 60s and by
6:33 am
the way, if you would like to see your high-def doppler radar, you can go to our website at then you can check the high-def doppler radar for the weather in your neighborhood. that's the latest, guys. the busiest travel day of the year under way right now. the bay area rain is not making that travel any easier. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran has been at sfo all morning tracking the delays and she has some rather helpful travel tips for all you folks that are trying to get out of town. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. i have the tips and some good news i just checked in with an airport representative who told me there's still no delays reported out of sfo. i know that's going to be a big sigh of relief for travelers getting ready to head out this morning and sfo is prepared for that influx. they are expecting more flyers than last year, about a 3% increase in travelers. all in all about 3.1 million americans will be taking to the skies. and 1.2 million of them will pass through sfo between friday
6:34 am
and november 25th. we did speak with one family traveling to new york city for the big weekend. they say with the recent hurricane in that area, they planned for the weather and potential delays. >> we just plan to go knowing it's going to be crazy an insane. my only worry was the hurricane, that's all gone now. so whatever happens, happens. it's going to be great. >> reporter: now, weather did setback travelers yesterday about 81 flights within california were canceled because of weather and had were rerouted. we want to show you tips that we have for you. one, check your own bags. some let your tag your own bag and skip the line. two, tsa has a precheck program if you sign up you can pass through a separate security line. and three, there are new smartphone apps that keep track of how long you will spend in security lines so you can plan ahead. we want to make note that the excessive travelers are here in sfo as well as the south bay.
6:35 am
we have a live look at san jose airport. they are expecting an uptick in travelers as well and today, they tell us it's expected to be their busiest day. now, the airport representative i spoke with on the phone still wanted to make note the best plan of action for today though is to plan ahead and give yourself that extra time so show up early for those flights so you can anticipate the unexpected. live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. thank you. new this morning, a man has been found dead hours after he vanished while looking for his cat. divers located and recovered the body early this morning. he drowned in about 30 feet of water in an old quarry behind the rockridge shopping center in east bay. officials think the man slipped on the wet ground and fell into the quarry that is surrounded by steep cliffs. 10 people are injured after an explosion ripped through a bus in tel aviv israel today. some u.s. leaders call it an act of terrorism. this comes as hope of the cease- fire between israel and hamas militants in the gaza strip is
6:36 am
dwindling. hamas has launched more than 200 rockets in the last 24 hours and overnight israeli forces attacked more targets in gaza. charlie d'agata had a very close encounter with one of those strikes and he reports from gaza this morning. >> reporter: just after 2 a.m., there's this massive blast just outside the hotel that blew in the windows of my room. i ran into the halls to make sure that our colleagues were okay. nobody was injured inside that hotel. unlike the more than 100 people who have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in this conflict. this is what it looked and sounded like when an israeli air strike pummeled an area just a block away from where we were staying. the force of the blast blew in the windows of the building. journalists inside scrambled for cover. nowhere is considered safe in gaza city. it was one of a number of attacks that struck an area where a lot of foreign journalists are staying covering this side of the conflict. it landed in a soccer field in
6:37 am
a neighborhood of apartment buildings and hotels. [ explosions ] >> reporter: it's a close-up example of the barrage of attacks that have come by land, air and sea pounding this crowded strip. last night was one of the worst yet in this week-long fight. naval warships fired dozens of rounds into gaza and fighter jets kept their bombing up through dawn. the attacks were sustained and relentless. they leveled a city block where the interior ministry used to stand. the israeli military said it was a command and control center for that mass which makes it a legitimate target. but civilians are dying. palestinian officials told us the past 24 hours have been the bloodiest yet in terms of civilian casualties. more than 140 people have been killed and more than 1,000 wounded so far. it's hard to believe that tensions could get any higher here but we have heard about
6:38 am
the explosion in tel aviv. everybody here is worried. shortly after israeli fighter jets flew overhead. there are more air strikes here and everybody is concerned about more retaliation attacks from israel to come. for "cbs this morning," i'm charlie d'agata in gaza city. explosions interrupted live reports on american tv. >> whoa! >> that is cnn's anderson cooper ducking after a blast in gaza city. he kept reporting on the action during that live broadcast. 6:38 now. nurses are striking for a second day at attesterrer hospitals here in the bay area. the walkout involves 33 hutch nurses ata sutter spokesman says pay hikes would hurt the company. replacement nurses are keeping the hospitals open. a one-day strike against
6:39 am
the port of oakland. mayor quan helped the contracts get going again. negotiations had broken down last spring with disagreements over pay and benefits and retirement contributions. yesterday, the picket lines stopped activity at the port but it's operating again this morning. workers will be dealing with all that cargo that was not moved yesterday. a busy day. and in fremont, some high quality surveillance equipment caught a holiday thief in action. the homeowner believes the woman had been following u.p.s. trucks on meyer park circle before she is seen stealing a package and food donations. he hopes it will help catch the culprit. >> this lady messed with the wrong tech quick. >> u.p.s. is supposed to place packages out of view if the customers aren't home. the company will investigate. 6:40. coming up the theory that
6:40 am
shopping online is bad for the environment. >> plus, they needed a new heating and air system. how one family ended up striking gold instead. >> and the market opened 10 minutes ago. right now, the numbers are looking good on thanksgiving eve. we'll crunch the numbers and much more with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,
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thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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cancellation of some airline flig some new volcanic ak fifth. this is in new zealand. today's eruption forced the cancellation of some airline flights in the region but there is no significant damage. dozens of people though were walking on trails along mount
6:44 am
tongariro's base. they are safe. they have three active volcanos in the park. i think those folks had an idea that something would happen. >> i would be screaming! >> i would be too. 6:44. let's get to elizabeth. there's quite a mess on the roads there. >> yeah. fatal accident in san jose. streets are blocked off. and we're hearing that this is a possible hit-and-run. we have an officer on the phone. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us? >> well, right now, the police department is investigating the fatal hit-and-run accident at the intersection of alum rock and jackson. we received a call at 6:04 a.m. police department arrived on scene. and we located the victim and he was pronounced in deceased at 6:14 a.m. this morning. currently the case is under investigation. the vehicle did flee. as far as we know it went westbound on alum rock. and we don't have much as far as a vehicle description. again, the case is ongoing so
6:45 am
our traffic investigation unit is at the scene to go ahead and ascertain what actually occurred and to canvass the area for witnesses. if anybody was in the area, saw anything, if they would call the san jose police department traffic investigation as soon as possible. >> thank you for the latest. streets blocked off live. this is alum rock avenue and south jackson avenue. >> thank you, officer morales. flooded lanes at the embarcadero northbound by mission. several lanes blocked off. some of our coworkers noticed this, this morning as they were driving into work so flooding and standing water is an issue for a couple of hours now. crews are out there working to clear it but it is slow going actually both directions along the embarcadero in san francisco. here's what it looks like.
6:46 am
san mateo bridge right side of your bridge westbound 92. we have seen so many spinouts and standing water reports across the bay area. just been super busy everywhere you're going and we know this is a big travel day for a lot of folks. let's go to our next map. standing water we got a call from pete with the phone force. he was driving a four-wheel drive and was scared as he came across a huge puddle in the road. for a while woodside road on- ramp was completely blocked so we have had about three different traffic alerts so far this morning. just about all of them are now clear including this one there was a jackknifed big rig all lanes just reopened within the last 10 minutes so now all lanes open approaching north greenville on eastbound 580. slow going through livermore. it's wet in the bay area and westbound 237 for the silicon valley commute still have an accident blocking lanes approaching the lawrence
6:47 am
expressway. so pretty jammed up heading out of milpitas. 880 towards oakland airport, not too bad actually as you pass the coliseum coming down through the macarthur maze. bart all trains still on time. so that would be a great option. let's go to lawrence who has been tracking the storm for us all morning on his hi-def doppler. >> yeah. elizabeth, i don't like that feeling of hydroplaning on the highways. dangerous conditions wet overnight so the roads as you can see are very slick. we continue to see showers though beginning to we understand down. let's take you to the san jose area. you can see scattered light showers continuing at this hour there. but it will begin to taper off through the rest of the morning and then i think by the afternoon, actually going to see some sunny breaks in the clouds. rain will end. afternoon clearing with mild temperatures. and then it looks like drier days are ahead. if you have to travel today i would wait a little bit if you can. i think you will have drier weather on the way. a cold front passing through overnight bringing with it gusty winds and that rainfall
6:48 am
overnight, as well. looks like a wet start to the day but high pressure building in behind that will help dry things out as we head into the afternoon and then it looks like into thanksgiving our computer models showing showers continuing this morning. but toward the middle of of the day we begin to part the clouds a bit and by the afternoon, some sunshine and mix of sun and clouds and mild temperatures for this time of year. if you plan to travel around the state more showers into the central valley and the high country looking at snowfall up there. winter weather advisories continue across the high country upwards of 7,000 feet but some strong gusty winds to 65 miles per hour. temperatures today will be mild mainly in the 60s. the next couple of days the rain moves on out. we dry things out for thanksgiving. looks like warmer weather dry conditions into the weekend, guys. back to you. >> thank you. a final decision on the hostess bankruptcy could come today. here now to chat about that and much more, jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. hopes that hostess and its striking workers would come to
6:49 am
an agreement saving all those iconic brands blown up and it's going to depend on other foodmakers to snap up brands like twinkies, wonder bread, ho ho's, cupcakes. somely make it. there is enough popularity for some of those out there. some will make it. weekly jobless claims down to 410,000 but wall street not putting much stock in the numbers. still the effects of superstorm sandy. we have seen wild fluctuations of big increases, biggs declines and probably looking -- big declines and probably looking at another week of that because of sandy so not much to get from the numbers at this point. hewlett-packard slaughtered yesterday as revealing the big debacle of its purchase last year for autonomy which it overpaid because of fraudulent bookkeeping. market is off to a slight open.
6:50 am
dow up by 34 points. nasdaq up 8. s&p up by 2. hewlett-packard sliding right now by a little better than yesterday. market closed for thanksgiving. >> you get a day off tomorrow. >> yes, deep fried turkey in my horizon. >> happy thanksgiving. jason brooks with kcbs and americans are going to spend a ton of money in the next few weeks. >> they are. but how many people will for the carbon footprint you will leave behind driving to and from the stores? some environmentalists are even calling online shopping ungreen because of carbon footprint that is emitted transporting orders. so what's the best way to give this holiday season while doing the least damage to the environment? >> the best thing is reuse something or borrow something from a friend. >> boy, that's fun. americans spent over $11 billion on black friday alone last year. it will be a busy day on friday. >> i think so, too. it could soon get easier
6:51 am
for women to get birth control. some of doctors want it to be available without a prescription. that means women would be able to get birth control over the counter. nearly five million women are considered at risk for unintended pregnancies and don't use birth control and supporters say easier access to change that. >> the market currently using any contraception or who are using a less effective method might use the pill. >> but some medical professionals say that over-the- counter birth control without medical supervision may lead to misuse. a special thanksgiving for a mother in texas. her daughter was born five weeks ago with part of her heart outside of her chest. she knew about the problem before the baby was born opted for an operation on the infant. the surgery to put the heart back inside the chest lasted six hours yesterday and doctors say it was a success. that little guy is going to be
6:52 am
okay. >> that's good. a standard hvac installation turned into a jackpot when workers found gold. a worker made the discovery under a floor grill back in september. he found 12 baby food jars filled with gold dust. the total value is estimated to be worth $300,000. >> kind of just looked at each other like wow, i still can't believe it today. you know? it's just unreal. >> no kidding. it's still not clear why the gold was there. the total cost of the hvac installation was $6,500. so they have a few dollars left over i think. >> makes you wonder who owned the house prior. >> they may -- >> now that gold? >> they may try to figure that out. >> i bet he will. time now 6:52. it's a mess on the roads. we'll have a check of our top stories. >> plus, what happens when you combine a twinkie and turkey. taste over or not, the concoction coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
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middle east locations. she's pushing for a diplomac and the welcome back. :56. secretary of state hillary clinton keeps going back and forth between middle east locations pushing for a truce between israel and hamas. a bomb ripped through a bus today in tel aviv, israel, injuring at least 10 people while in gaza, a united nations aid agency says 10,000 people have already sought shelter after israel dropped leaflets on areas warning people to evacuate. it's the busiest travel day of the year. this is a live look at sfo. we have no reports yet of any delays but the faa website is crashed. they had delays due to weather and expect it to be busy this afternoon. best advice call ahead before you head to the airport. the rain is causing some problems this stormy morning along the waterfront in san francisco. i drove through some of this.
6:57 am
cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is watching the water along the embarcadero and the lake that's developed there. anne, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. i'm standing in the water only a few inches here but it's covering my boots. excuse my fashion faux pas, by the way. i just stuck jeans into the top of the boots but the sidewalk here is completely covered with water and part of the roadway, as well. you can see two lanes closed here at the embarcadero. this is right before the ferry building in between the ferry building and the bay bridge. so this pool is obviously the exception rather than the norm but there are pools all over the roadways right now. so be aware of that. we're driving around the area down in san jose and back up here to the city. and some hydroplaning and a lot of traffic, as well. so there is increased traffic. be careful out there. and not a bad day to have your rain boots. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> i was going to say love the boots. thank you. >> traffic and fashion together every 10 minutes. [ laughter ] >> good stuff. but a tough ride out there too.
6:58 am
>> actually causing serious problems on the roads including a fatal crash. we have learned this is a hit- and-run. you're looking live at the scene in san jose. alum rock avenue and south jackson obviously police still have the roads blocked off. they are still looking for the driver in a dark colored sedan coup. we are sending kcbs radio's matt bigler to the scene to get latest update. towards the bay bridge we have better news. we are not seeing too many backups any longer. you can see the metering lights are still on but yeah, delays are not too bad right now. in fact, a number of incidents have quieted down significantly. mass transit is a good option. that's traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> the rain continuing to fall outside although it is starting to settle down since we start our show you can see a lot of the activity now making its way into the south bay. still plenty of moisture out there right now so likely to see showers and drizzle continuing this morning but by the afternoon, we are expecting those clouds to part. we are going to see a little sunshine temperatures going to be mild in the 60s. i think that trend will
6:59 am
continue. tomorrow lots of sunshine dry weather, beautiful over the holiday weekend. >> we deserve it. >> thank you. if you stocked up on twinkies, hostess said it was closing, have we got an idea for you what to do with them. >> guess so. try stuffing your thanksgiving turkey with them. >> what? >> a caterer in new york came the up with the idea called a tur twinkie. >> doesn't sound ride. >> break it apart and use the figure to rub on the turk and then put the cake in the stuffing. i don't know. >> sounds good. >> i have done this before and it's fantastic. >> it is. [ laughter ] >> our executive producer, it's a little gamey. [ laughter ] but it's really good. >> you make it, i'll taste it. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wedny,


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